Editorial Illustrations

"Begriffe des digitalen Bilds" – HfG Karlsruhe

Editorial Illustrations for "Adaptivity: First volume of the new series Concept of the Digital Image" published by Kathrin Friedrich, Lydia Kähny, Matthias Brun and Mortiz Queisner.

The book is published in the series ‘Begriffe des digitalen Bildes’ of the DFG priority program Das digitale Bild (https://www.digitalesbild.gwi.uni-muenchen.de) and is published by Hubertus Kohle and Hubert Locher. The program investigates from a multi-perspective point of view the central role that the image plays in the complex process of the digitization of knowledge. In the process, a new theory and practice of computer-based image worlds will be developed in a Germany-wide network.

With adaptive images we refer to a type of images, that is responsive to its environment. My task was to create illustrations , which distinguish between three layers: the physical world, an image/digital layer that is spatially related to that physical world and the body and view of an observer/user that is embedded into that situation.

client: HfG Karlruhe


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