PRIDE is a global celebration of inclusion and equality, which has been celebrated since the 1970s. Every year thousands of people around the world take to the streets to tell their story and to show their support for an inclusive and equal world, where there is room for everyone. Eastpak will be part of that celebration, supporting PRIDE, the LGBTQ+ community. Via Talenhouse they asked artist around the world to celebrate PRIDE with them, by illustrating a portrait of yourself or someone who identifies as LGBTQ+, or more broadly focuses on how LGBTQ+ makes you feel and express it visually.

This work is dedicated to a specific person, Mathis, who is an inspiration to me (probably without even being aware of it). It deals with the confrontation with oneself and the questions, “who am I?”, or, “who do I want to be?” This work focuses on people who find the courage to define themselves beyond traditional gender roles in a conservative society. Every single colourful facet of a person makes them something special and unique. From this, I derive my inspiration to draw a person through form, colour, and composition as he or she affects me personally. My goal is to give as many people as possible access to my work in order to promote tolerance and equality.