In spring this year I was commissioned by Ordinary Habit to do the artwork for a new product line, the Mini Puzzle. Ordinary Habit came up with this wonderful mission I would like to join and share. With their products they try to achieve to feel real connections again — to those around us, our own wellbeing, and the spaces we choose to inhabit. Mindfulness and connectivity are vast concepts that we long to embrace. In a world full of stimulation, they believe we deserve to savor a tiny bit of calm, no matter where we are, at any moment in time. With their Puzzles they hope to encourage mindfulness and physical interaction and achieve a return to slow living. The sensory features provide the opportunity for tactility and a focus for the mind, while also inspiring a sense of joy. The visual designs that calm and soothe, while also looking beautiful in anyone’s space. This was the point, where my task began. 

TYPE // Illustration
CLIENT // Ordinary Habit