Artwork for Gamescom 2023

Xbox approached me with an invitation to craft an artwork for the upcoming Gamescom 2023 in Cologne. As an passionate gamer, I was genuinely excited about the opportunity to collaborate with a major player in the gaming industry. I saw this as a chance to convey the joy I find in gaming— To me, gaming represents an immersive journey into an alternate realm, a departure from the rigors and concerns of everyday life, allowing me to assume diverse identities.
Gaming, to me, offers a unique sense of happiness, creativity, and the thrill of exploration which are facets I aspire for individuals to sense as they engage with my creation. I stuck to my signature color palette when selecting hues, infusing the artwork with familiarity and coherence. Additionally, I incorporated subtle allusions; the smiley's crowns pay homage to the city of Cologne, the host of Gamescom 2023, symbolizing its connection to the city's emblematic motifs.


Josephine Rais

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